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Syllabi from Past Courses

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​These syllabi are representative of courses offered during a typical semester. Take a look to see how some professors teach their courses and what type of content is covered.

However, please note that the syllabi change from semester to semester. Required course materials such as textbooks may not be the same. Do NOT purchase course materials on the basis of these syllabi.


​PSYC100 General Psychology​​Ly
​PSYC100 General Psychology (Honors)​​Medina Honors
​PSYC100 General PsychologyQuinn
​​PSYC100 General PsychologyBegosh
​NSCI100 Psychological and Brain ScienceRoth​


​PSYC207 Research MethodsMor​ling
​PSYC207 Research MethodsJaremka
​​PSYC207 Research MethodsMende-Siedlecki
​PSYC209 Measurements and StatisticsLy
​​​​PSYC209 Measurements and Statistics​​Medina


​PSYC310 Sensation and Perception
​​PSYC312 Learning and MotivationStanton 
​PSYC314 Brain and BehaviorKnox
​PSYC314 Brain and BehaviorKlintsova 
​PSYC314 Brain and BehaviorGriffin 
​PSYC314 Brain and BehaviorNeunuebel 
​PSYC314 Brain and BehaviorRoth​
​PSYC314 Brain and BehaviorSchwarz 
​PSYC320 Introduction to NeuroscienceKlintsova
​PSYC320 Introduction to Neuroscience (Honors)Klintsova Honors
​PSYC320 Introduction to NeuroscienceGriffin 
​PSYC320 Introduction to NeuroscienceKnox 
​PSYC320 Introduction to Neuroscience (Honors)Knox​
​NSCI320 Introduction to NeuroscienceKnox
​​NSCI320 Introduction to Neuroscience (Honors)Knox
​PSYC325 Child PsychologyHubbard 
​PSYC325 Child PsychologyKobak 
​PSYC325 Child PsychologyMedina
​​PSYC334 Abnormal PsychologyBall
​PSYC334 Abnormal PsychologyFowles 
​PSYC340 CognitionBegosh 
​PSYC340 CognitionIntraub 
​PSYC344 Psychology of LanguagePapafragou 
​PSYC350 Developmental PsychologyHubbard 
​PSYC350 Developmental PsychologyKobak 
​PSYC350 Developmental PsychologyAckerman 
​PSYC350 Developmental Psychology (Honors)Ackerman Honors
​PSYC365 Psychology Field PlacementBeveridge
​PSYC365 Psychology Field PlacementSeidenfeld
​NSCI368 Research in NeuroscienceKnox​
​PSYC370 Research in PersonalityKuhlman
​PSYC380 PsychopathologyCohen
​PSYC380 PsychopathologyFowles
​PSYC390 Social PsychologyForbes
​PSYC390 Social PsychologyMartin
​PSYC394 Cultural PsychologyMorling


​PSYC414 Drugs and the BrainRosen
​PSYC415 History  & Systems of PsychologyAckerman
​PSYC415 History of Psychology (Honors)Ackerman Honors
​PSYC416 Psychological Perspectives on the Black AmericanJones
​PSYC420 Mental Illness: Critical Perspectives
​PSYC425 Family Conflict and the Child
​​NSCI427 Advanced Neurophysiology​​Griffin
​PSYC428 Nature and NutureT. Roth
​PSYC430 The Social SelfMorling
​PSYC432 Health PsychologyBeveridge
​PSYC432 Advanced Health PsychologySiegel
​PSYC433 Cognitive NeuroscienceHoffman
​NSCI433 Cognitive NeuroscienceHoffman
​PSYC436 Nature vs NurtureRoth
​NSCI436 Nature vs NurtureRoth
​PSYC438 Human Computer Interaction​​Abbott
​NSCI438 Clinical NeuroscienceSpielberg​
​​​​NSCI442 Social Neuroscience​​​Forbes
​PSYC445 Adolescent Problem BehaviorsAckerman
​PSYC446 Psychology of MusicBegosh
​NSCI467 Behavioral EpigeneticsRoth
​PSYC467 Forensic PsychologyEichel
​PSYC467 Hormones and BehaviorSchwarz
​PSYC490 Social Interdependence Kuhlman


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Syllabi from Past Courses
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Syllabi from Past Courses
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