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Psychology & Neuroscience Courses for Non-Majors

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‚ÄčAre you interested in learning more about psychology, but you don't want to declare our major or minor?

We offer several courses specifically for non-majors. Unlike many of our major courses, these courses only require PSYC100 as a prerequisite and can count toward breadth requirements.

Analysis of interpersonal behavior with special emphasis on problems of conformity and influence; the organization and dynamics of social groups; and the development of opinions and attitudes.

Survey of the interactions of physiological, psychological, and environmental factors determining psychological development. Consideration of major theories of child development.

Disorders of behavior and consciousness including the various psychoses, psychoneuroses, mental deficiency, and other conditions.

Please note that these courses do NOT count toward the Psychology or Neuroscience majors or minors.

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Courses for Non-Majors
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Psychology & Neuroscience Courses for Non-Majors