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Research & Internship Experiences

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Why consider getting involved with research or other internships?

Get good hands-on experience

This kind of experience outside of the classroom will help you gain valuable on-the-job experience and may also help you determine what type of psychology you want to pursue. There is no better way of finding out if you like something than actually doing it! If you plan to go to graduate school, it is useful, if not essential, to participate in research.

Develop transferable skills

Working at a research lab or other internship site offers you opportunities to learn many transferable skills that help you in multiple careers, not just psychology. For example, experience in a research lab tells a prospective employer that you are capable of working well with others in a disciplined environment, and have probably acquired good analytical skills.

Grow your networking connections

If you work closely with your supervisors in a research lab or other internship site, then you will have someone to approach when you need a letter of recommendation or a reference. In fact, one of the most common ways of finding a job is through networking.

Be more competitive in the job market

Hands-on experiences give you the opportunity to apply your classroom knowledge to the real world and develop your qualifications. You will be able to build a strong resume and share concrete examples of work experience, rather than speculation, during an interview. 

Interested in getting involved with research?  Learn more here.

Interested in internships?  Learn more here.

You can also take a look at the Available Opportunities section to see any potential part-time or summer research and internship opportunities.

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Internship & Research Opportunities
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Research & Internship Experiences