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Psychology Minor Requirements

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Note: Neuroscience majors may NOT minor in Psychology.

Download the Minor Checklist for your own records:

Psychology Minor Requirements.pdf

Psychology Minor Requirements    (need a C- for all minor courses)

Entry level courses:  Take all three: 

    PSYC100: General Psychology

AP score of 4 will exempt you from PSYC100

    PSYC207: Research Methodology3
    PSYC209: Measurement & Statistics
MATH202, MATH205, STAT200, or SOCI301 are approved substitutions. If you received STAT200 credit through AP Statistics, you must still fulfill this requirement.
Core Competencies: 
Biopsychology/Cognitive Psychology. Choose one from:
​    PSYC310: Sensation & Perception
    PSYC312: Learning & Motivation 
    PSYC314: Brain & Behavior 
    NSCI/PSYC320: Introduction to Neuroscience  
    PSYC340: Cognition 
    PSYC344: Psychology of Language 
Developmental/Clinical/Social Psychology. Choose one from:
    PSYC350: Developmental Psychology 
​    PSYC370: Research in Personality
    PSYC380: Psychopathology 
    PSYC390: Social Psychology 
    PSYC394: Cultural Psychology 

Free Elective

Excludes PSYC301, 303, 325, 334.



Total credits in the Psychology minor: 18

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Psychology Minor Requirements