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PSYC100 Research Participation Requirement

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Every student enrolled in General Psychology (PSYC100) must acquire detailed experience in psychological research studies. This requirement is called Research Participation Requirement (RPR) and managed by the Research Requirement Office.

All students in PSYCH100 should sign-up on the online participation sign-up system (Sona) to manage RPR credits.

The requirement is outlined in the RPR Document.

You can also find the slides for the RPR presentation here.

If you have questions about the Research Requirement, please contact the Research Requirement team at  In every email, be sure to use your UD email ( and include the following information.  Messages that do not contain this information will not be answered.

1. Your full name

2. Your PSYC 100 Section Number

3. Your PSYC 100 Professor's Name

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PSYC100 Research Requirement
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PSYC100 Research Participation Requirement