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Honors Degree

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Do you want to be academically challenged, have enriched experiences in and out of classrooms, and be a part of a strong learning community? If so,

consider the Honors Program.

Most students apply to the Honors Program when they apply for admission to UD, either as Freshmen or transfer students. However, current students may also apply. Click here for more information.

If you are planning to earn an Honors Degree in Psychology or Neuroscience, you must take four honors classes in the major (12 credits), and two must be at the 300-level or above. For Neuroscience Honors students, you MUST take NSCI320 (Introduction to Neuroscience) at the Honors level. You should plan to take honors classes as they are offered since they are not offered every semester. We discourage individual contracts with faculty members. 

Psychology Honors Offerings from Fall 2015 to Spring 2017

Fall 2015: PSYC100, NSCI100, PSYC415

Spring 2016: PSYC209, NSCI/PSYC320, PSYC340

Fall 2016: PSYC100, NSCI100, PSYC415, NSCI/PSYC320

Spring 2017: PSYC209, NSCI/PSYC320, PSYC350

We occasionally add an Honors section along with a regular section to help Honors students meet graduation requirements. We discourage individual contracts with faculty members. Please see your assigned faculty advisor if you have any questions.

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Honors Degree
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Honors Degree