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Neuroscience Minor Requirements

Note: Psychology majors may minor in Neuroscience, but only PSYC100 may count toward both the major and minor.

Download the Minor Checklist for your own records:

Neuroscience Minor Requirements.pdf

Neuroscience Minor Requirements    (need a C- for all minor courses)

Entry level courses.  Take all two: 

    PSYC100: General Psychology

         OR NSCI100: Psychological and Brain Sciences

    NSCI320: Introduction to Neuroscience3
Core courses. Select two of the following: 
    NSCI426: Advanced Neuroanatomy3
    NSCI427: Advanced Neurophysiology3
    NSCI428: Advanced Neuropharmacology3
​    NSCI429: Integrative Neuroscience I​3
​    NSCI430: Integrative Neuroscience II​3
​    NSCI433: Cognitive Neuroscience3​
​    NSCI438: Clinical Neuroscience3​
​    NSCI442: Social Neuroscience3​
Two additional NSCI courses:
Includes courses listed above. Excludes NSCI100, NSCI368, and NSCI468.
​    NSCI___​3

Total credits in the Neuroscience minor: 18

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Neuroscience Minor Requirements