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Internship Opportunities

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For Credit


Majors can get credit for an internship in two ways:

1.  Psychology Field Placement (PSYC365)

In this course, you spend the first two weeks reading about internship possibilities in the Delaware region, writing a resume, applying for internships, and interviewing at the sites. The internships are sometimes competitive, and the whole process is just like it would be for a real job search. When you get a placement, you spend the rest of the semester spending approximately 10 hours per week at your internship site. You will also be completing regular writing assignments.

PSYC365 is open to juniors and seniors who have completed at least 4 courses in psychology. You may also take it up to two times if you wish. This course counts for the DLE requirement.

Past internship sites have included:

  • AI Dupont Children's Hospital

  • TeamCare Behavioral Health

  • Open Door

  • Sarah's House Shelter

  • Newark Manor

  • Mental Health Association of Delaware

  • Planned Parenthood of Delaware

  • Child, Inc.

2. Experiential Internship (UNIV364)

If you find an external internship, you could enroll in this free elective course sponsored by the Career Services Center. Many students find their internships on their own, through networking connections, or through the Career Servces Center's Handshake.

You will need to spend a minimum of 50 hours at your internship site while you are enrolled in UNIV364 and you CANNOT take the class before or after you have already finished your internship. This course counts for the DLE requirement.

For more information on the specifics of this course, please visit the Career Services website.

For Pay or Volunteer

​Although not as common, some internships may be paid.  Alternatively, students who do not need the credit or do not need their DLE can simply volunteer. Even without pay or credit, you can still add the experience to your resume and gain valuable on-the-job experience, networking connections, knowledge about what you enjoy, and transferable skills!

Resources for Locating Internships & Volunteer Opportunities

  • The Career Services Center is one of THE best resources for finding information about internships and careers.  There are many career fairs held every year. Check out Handshake to help with searching for jobs and internships and other resources.
  • You can search for local organizations that provide services to specific populations.  For example, if you are interested in working in mental health, consider volunteering with the Delaware chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Or if you are interested in learning more about autism spectrum disorder, you can find volunteer or job opportunities with Autism Delaware.

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Internship Opportunities