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Need Subject-Specific Academic Support?

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Professors and Teaching Assistants (TAs)

In your courses, professors and TAs are the best sources of academic support. You can visit them during office hours or make appointments to ask specific questions and get clarification about course content. Professors and TAs often give advice about studying skills. The following video series summarizes what most of them advise based on psychological science:

  1. Beliefs That Make You Fail…Or Succeed

  2. What Students Should Understand About How People Learn

  3. Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning

  4. Putting the Principles for Optimizing Learning into Practice

  5. I Blew the Exam, Now What?

Writing & Presentations

  • The University Writing Center is THE BEST place to go for help with any step of the writing process from brainstorming to revising. Please note that they do not edit or proofread papers, but can guide students to resolve their writing issues. Services are free to all UD students. The Writing Center also offers workshops on specific topics such as APA citation style, preparing to submit a thesis, and more. Learn more about or sign up for workshops here. They opened a new Multimedia Writing Center at the Morris Library where some services and workshops may be held.

Want to make an appointment? Click here.

Visit the Writing Center at 016 Memorial Hall

Call at (302) 831-1168

Email at 

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

  • The Oral Communication Fellows can help with multiple aspects of delivering presentations such as organizing ideas, using presentation software effectively, refining presentation skills (e.g., voice quality and gestures), and more! This service is free to all UD students.

Make an appointment through the Writing Center online system.

  • The Multilingual Student Communication Center (MSCC) is a writing center that works specifically with undergraduate students whose home/native/first language is not English. They offer online and in-person tutoring with tutors trained to work with multilingual writers. You must make an appointment to receive services.

Want to make an appointment? Click here.

Visit the MSCC for in-person tutoring at the English Language Institute (ELI) on the 2nd floor of 108 E. Main Street

Math & Sciences

  • The Math Tutorial Lab provides support to students in various math courses at UD. Highly qualified undergraduates and graduate students are available during drop-in hours. No appointments are necessary! There are also resources such as a textbook library with solution manuals.

Visit the Math Tutorial Lab at 053 McKinly Lab

Drop-in hours are listed on their website.

Visit the Help Center at 101B Sharp Lab

Drop-in hours are usually 12-5pm on weekdays. Check their website for updates.

Foreign Language

  • The Language Proficiency Center works with students to develop their foreign language writing skills. Students can work one-on-one or in small groups with trained foreign language writing consultants. You must make an appointment to receive services.

Want to make an appointment? Click here.

  • The Foreign Language Media Center offers free tutoring for 100- and 200-level Spanish and French language courses. The center also offers printing services, scanning services, and access to a foreign film library and media viewing stations.

Visit the Foreign Language Media Center 006 Jastak-Burgess Hall

Open 8:45am-4:30pm every weekday.

Call at (302) 831-6551

Need Tutoring for Other Specific Subjects?

​Contact the Office of Academic Enrichment (OAE) to learn about additional free and low cost tutoring options.

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Subject-Specific Academic Support
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Need Subject-Specific Academic Support?