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Preparing for Graduation

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Official Senior Checkout


The Official Senior Checkout is a service provided by the Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) for the College of Arts & Sciences. This official document is designed to help you make sure you have met or will meet all the requirements for graduation. Once issued, the Official Senior Checkout supersedes the online Degree Audit.

Keep in mind the following to make sure that the Senior Checkout process runs smoothly:

  • Make sure that your expected graduation term is up-to-date on UDSIS. Your "Grad Term" is listed on UDSIS and it determines when your Senior Checkout is issued, if you are included in mailing lists related to graduation, and if your name is included in the official Commencement program. If you need to change your "Grad Term", please complete the Change of Major, Minor, Concentration & Graduation Term Webform.
  • You will automatically receive the Senior Checkout the semester before your expected graduation term through your email. That is, if you expect to graduate in the Spring, you will receive the document in Fall. The directors of advising review your Psychology or Neuroscience major requirements, and a representative at the Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) reviews your remaining graduation requirements. Then, the UAS will prepare the Senior Checkout as a webform sent electronically to your email. Once received, you can refer back to your Checkout by following the link in the original email, or by logging on to your Webforms.
  • Please be patient. Senior checkouts are done in alphabetical order.  If your name is Sam Zebra, your friend Andy Aardvark will have his checkout several weeks before you do. Don't panic. If you have not received your senior checkout and you think you should have (they are usually completed in time for registration for your final semester), you should contact the UAS.  Don't be surprised if you don't get yours until November.
  • Senior checkouts are done only once. If you have been issued a Senior Checkout but change your graduation term, you will NOT receive another one unless you specifically request one through the UAS.
  • CAREFULLY read your Senior Checkout. If you have any questions or issues, address them as soon as possible by contacting the UAS. If you have any missing or incomplete requirements after your final grades for your last courses have been posted, you will NOT be cleared to officially graduate in order to receive your diploma.

If you still have questions about the Senior Checkout process, click here.

Commencement and Degree Conferral

You will not receive your diploma until all degree requirements are met and you are officially cleared by the Dean's Office.

The University has four degree certification cycles each year: at the end of the spring semester, the 2nd summer session, the fall semester, and winter session, but only ONE Commencement ceremony. Individual departments and programs also have their own Convocation ceremonies.

Even if you still have some credits to complete (e.g., you still have a class to take over the summer), you may "walk" in the Convocation and Commencement ceremonies. The Commencement program will include your name if your graduation term is listed in UDSIS for that academic year's summer, fall, winter, spring, and the following summer.

For additional information, please see the Registrar Office's website about Graduation & Diplomas.

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Preparing for Graduation