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Practicum Training

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‚ÄčThe Clinical Science Program at the University of Delaware emphasizes diversified practicum experiences in a range of clinical settings with varied patient populations and staff from different disciplines. The first year practicum typically involves a few hours per week. Second- and third-year practicum experiences generally involve one and a half to two days per week in an approved clinical setting and are required as prerequisites for the Internship. The first and second year practica take place at our Psychological Services Training Center‚Äč. Third year practica are available in campus settings, hospitals, child inpatient facilities, medical schools, and community mental health and child guidance clinics. Every effort is made to arrange a third-year practicum site that is consistent with a student's professional goals. Although not required, most students continue with external practica for at least one day per week in their fourth and fifth years.

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Practicum training
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Practicum Training