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Psychological and Brain Sciences Return to Research

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Current Phase – Phase 3

Please review the PBS lab ramp up general guidelines. This document will continue to be updated as the situation and information evolve. (UPDATED: 9/20/2020)

UD's Return to Research

Please review the University's return to research guidelines

Before you Return

Anyone coming to campus needs to have a negative COVID test result on file with HR or student health. Faculty and staff need to submit their test results to Human Resources. The form can be uploaded at this HR secure portal.  Students must upload their test results to UD’s secure and confidential web server at

Before returning to research you will need to complete the Coronavirus Awareness Training:

During the first time back to lab and before starting research, perform the EHS ramp-up checklist.

Home Health Screening

  • Starting 9/1/2020 faculty, staff and students will receive a health screening email each day. Once submitted there will be a confirmation email stating the individual has approval (green check mark) to be on campus for the day or not (red X).  While all may receive the email each day, the survey need only be completed by those intending to gain access to the campus that day.  
  • Supervisors, PIs or others may ask to see this email.  
  • Individuals that are accessing campus also need to have a COVID test result on file with HR or student health.

Report Positive COVID Test Results

Accurate contact tracing is essential in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to report any positive COVID-19 test result via the COVID Positive Contact Form. If a research participant notifies you they have tested positive for covid- notify Student Health Services (Dr. Tim Dowling,

Human Subject Research

​This Checklist is a tool to assist researchers in reviewing their research protocols prior to resuming in-person interactions with human subjects during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Procedure modification and adjustments needed to conduct in-person interactions must be in place, and approved by the IRB when required, prior to completing the Research Office online form requesting permission to return to campus.Before conducting human subject research in COVID-19 Phase 2-4 PIs must complete the Human Subject Research Checklist. These measures are in addition to the general guidance for the entire university.

Please review the psychological and brain science's guidelines specifically In-Person Human Subjects Research; Pre-Screening of Research Participants; and Logging of Visitors and Notification of Infections:


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Psychological and Brain Sciences Return to Research