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  • Tamara Medina, Assistant Professor

    Assistant Professor
    University of Delaware
    216 Wolf Hall
    Newark, DE 19716


    Dr. Medina researches how children learn their first language – how they comprehend the words and sentences they hear, and learn to put them together into sentences of their own. Her research bridges the disciplines of Linguistics and Cognitive and Developmental Psychology. Dr. Medina’s teaching interests focus on the areas of cognition and development, as well as grounding undergraduates in the foundations of psychological research – introductory psychology, research methods, and the use of statistical inference in hypothesis testing.


    Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Department of Cognitive Science

    Courses Regularly Taught

    PSYC100: General Psychology

    PSYC209: Measurement and Statistics

    PSYC325: Child Psychology

    Recent Publications

    Trueswell, J.C., Medina, T.N., Hafri, A., & Gleitman, L.R. (2013). Propose but verify: Fast mapping meets cross-situational word learning. Cognitive Psychology, 66(1), 126-156.

    Cartmill, E.A., Armstrong, B., Gleitman, L.R., Goldin-Meadow, S., Medina, T.N., & Trueswell, J.C. (2013). Quality of early parent input predicts child vocabulary three years later. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(28), 11278-11283.

    Medina, T.N., Snedeker, J., Trueswell, J.C., & Gleitman, L.R. (2011). How words can and cannot be learned by observation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108(22), 9014-9019.







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