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  • Robert F. Simons, Professor

    University of Delaware
    800 Barksdale Road, Room 123
    Newark, DE 19711


    Dr. Simons uses psychophysiological methods to study human emotion and cognition. His current studies utilize event-related brain potentials (ERP) to study cognitive characteristics of patients with anxiety disorders such as OCD and GAD.  His laboratory is currently investigating inhibitory control in neglected children and children with repetitive behavior disorders.  His current work is done in collaboration with Marty Franklin and John Herrington (Penn) and Mary Dozier (UD).  Dr. Simons is also active in the clinical-science movement and is very involved in the PCSAS accreditation of clinical-science graduate training programs.


    Ph.D., UW-Madison

    Courses Regularly Taught

    PSYC867: Clinical Science

    Recent Publications

    Dr. Simon's Google Scholar Link

    Burdwood, E. N., & Simons, R. F. (2016). Pay attention to me! Late ERPs reveal gender differences in attention allocated to romantic partners. Psychophysiology, 53, 436–443.

    Jing, Y., Wang, Y., Zhang, Z., Valadez, E. A., & Simons, R. F. (2016). How do we trust strangers? The neural correlates of decision making and outcome evaluation of generalized trust, and individual differences. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. doi: 10.1093/scan/nsw079

    Bernard, K., Simons, R.F & Dozier, M. (2015). Effects of an attachment-based intervention on high-risk mothers’ event-related potentials to children’s emotions. Child Development, 86., 1673-1684

    McFall, R.M., Treat, T.A. & Simons, R.F. (2015). The clinical science Model. In R. Cautin & S. Lillienfeld (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology. Boston: Wliey-Blackwell.

    Roberts, K.T., Stanley, E.M., Franklin, M.E. & Simons, R.F. (2014). Decreased response monitoring in trichotillomania. Psychophysiology, 51, 70-713.

    Wang, Y., Yuan, B., Roberts, K. T., Wang, Y., Lin, C., & Simons, R. F. (2014). How friendly is a little friendly competition? Evidence of self-interest and empathy during outcome evaluation. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 91,155-16.

    Hehman, E., Volpert, H.I. & Simons, R.F. (2014). ERP activity is moderated by implicit and explicit bias. Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 9, 544-552.

    Duval, E.R., Moser, J.S., Huppert, J.D. & Simons, R.F. (2013). What’s in a face? The late positive potential reflects slight changes in facial affect. Journal of Psychophysiology, 27, 27-38.

    Wang, Y. Roberts, K.T., Yuan, B, Zhang, W., Shen, D. & Simons, R.F. (2013).  Psychophysiological correlates of interpersonal cooperation and aggression. Biological Psychology, 93, 383-391.

    Bick, J, Dozier, M., Bernard, K, Grasso, D. & Simons, R.F. (2013). Associations Between Foster Mothers’ Oxytocin Production, Electrophysiological Brain Activity, Feelings of Commitment, and Caregiving Quality. Child Development, 84, 826-840.

    Skoranski, A., Most, S., Hoffman, J.E., Hassink, S., Lutz-Stehl, M. & Simons, R.F. (2013).  Response Monitoring and Pediatric Obesity. Biological Psychology, 92, 199-204.

    Grasso, D.J. & Simons, R.F. (2012).  Electrophysiological Responses to Threat in Youth with and without Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Biological Psychology, 90, 88-96.

    Grasso, D., J., Cohen, L.H., Moser, J.S., Hajcak, G., Foa, E.B. & Simons, R.F. (2012). Seeing the silver lining: potential benefits of trauma exposure in college students.  Anxiety, Stress and Coping, 25,117-136.

    Moser, J.S., Huppert, J.D, Foa, E.B., & Simons, R.F. (2012). Interpretation of Ambiguous Social Scenarios in Social Phobia and Depression: Evidence from Event-Related Brain Potentials. Biological Psychology, 89, 387-397.

    Grasso, D.J. & Simons, R.F. (2011). Perceived Parental Support Predicts Enhanced Late Positive Event-Related Brain Potentials to Parent Faces. Biological Psychology, 86, 26-30.

    Krompinger, J.W. & Simons, R.F. (2011). Cognitive Inefficiency in Depressive  Undergraduates: Stroop Processing and ERPs. Biological Psychology, 86, 249-256.

    Hehman, E., Stanley, E.M, Gaertner, S.L., & Simons, R.F. (2011). Multiple group membership influences face recognition: recall and neurological evidence. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47, 1262-1268.

    Representative Publications

    Ulrich, R. S., Simons, R. F., Losito, B. D., Fiorito, E., Miles, M. A., and Zelson, M. (1991). Stress recovery during exposure to natural and urban environments, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 11, 201-230.

    Simons, R.F. , Detenber, B.H., Roedema, T.R. & Reiss, J.E. (1999). Emotion processing in three systems: The medium and the message. Psychophysiology, 36, 619-627.

    Simons, R.F., Graham, F.K., Miles, M.A. & Chen, X. (2001). On the identity of P3a and the Novels-P3. Biological Psychology, 56, 207-218.

    Simons, R.F. (2010). The way of or errors: Theme and variations. Psychophysiology, 47, 1-14.

    McFall, R.M., Treat, T.A. & Simons, R.F. (2015). The Clinical Science Model. In R. Cautin & S. Lillienfeld (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology. Boston: Wiley-Blackwell.





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