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436 Wolf HallNewark, DE 19716<div class="ExternalClass0321BF4FDE8E4818B97A1A94AF6072AB"><p>​Noel Shadowen is a post-doctoral researcher with the Center for Training, Evaluation, and Community Collaboration (C-TECC). Her work focuses on three primary areas of interest: 1) international and cross-cultural prevention and intervention programs that take into account the complexities of social-ecological context, 2) experiences of trauma in childhood and the nuanced and cumulative effects of early adverse experiences on developmental trajectories and personality development through adolescence and adulthood, and 3) the effects of discrimination experiences, social injustices, and context on youth and young adults who hold marginalized identities. Clinical and research experiences with youth in multiple contexts inform her research.  She is also interested in the impact of prevention and other support programing on the mental health and development of students on college campuses.</p></div><div class="ExternalClassE02D8023146D461BBDEB2AAE4DBE630E"><p>B.A. Villanova University, Psychology</p><p>M.A. The George Washington University, International Development Studies </p><p>M.A. The University of Delaware, Clinical Science</p><p>Ph.D. The University of Delaware, Clinical Science <br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass82A2AB8F6F194C33967255AFE37C08BC"><p>PSYC380 Abnormal Psychology</p><p>PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology<br></p></div><div class="ExternalClass4AC0AE1430C84DEC8B38A9C9ED995573"><p>Shadowen, N.L., Chieffo, L.C., Fan, M., & Wei, R. Can Short Term Education Abroad Programs Impact Students' Global Competence? Tracking Short Term Education Abroad Outcomes. <em>Journal of College Student Development</em> (Revise and Resubmit)</p><p>Shadowen, N.L., Guerra, N.G., Reyes, G.R., & Serrano-Berthet, R. (2017) Community Readiness for Youth Violence Prevention: A Comparative Study in the U.S. and Bolivia. <em>Vulnerable Children & Youth Studies, 12 </em>(2), 117-129. doi: 10.1080/17450128.2017.1286423</p><p>Gates, S., Lippman, L., Shadowen, N., Burke, H., Diener, O., & Malkin, M. (2016). Key Soft Skills for Youth Cross Sectoral Outcomes. Washington, D.C.: USAID's Youthpower: Implementation, Youthpower Action. </p><p>Shadowen, N.L., Chieffo, L.P., & Guerra, N.G. (2015). The Global Engagement Measurement Scale: (GEMS): A new scale for assessing the impact of education abroad and campus internationalization. <em>Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 26</em>, 231-247. </p><p>Guerra, N. G., Williamson, A. A., & Shadowen, N.L.<strong> </strong>(2015). Coercive peer relationships in public school settings. In T. Dishion & J. Snyder (Eds.), <em>The Oxford Handbook on </em><em>Coercive Dynamics in Close Relationships. </em>New York: Oxford University Press.</p><p>Shadowen, N.L. (2015). Youth as Surveyors and Participants: Engaging Marginalized Voices in Rural India. In Bastien, S. & Homarsdottir, H.B. (Eds.), <em>Youth at the Margins: </em><em>Experiences from Engaging Youth in Research Worldwide. </em>Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. </p></div><div class="ExternalClassEEC6806B273F4302B749EABC54B2266D"><p>Shadowen, N.L. (2018, May). <em>Baltimore Mental Health Outreach for Mothers Survey (BMOMS) </em><em>Trauma Results.</em> Presentation and Poster Session at the University of Maryland Internship Presentation Meeting, Baltimore, MD.</p><p>Shadowen, N.L. & Guerra, N.G. (2017, April). <em>Mediation models of trauma and negative </em><em>outcomes for youth in India</em>. Poster Session for the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Austin, TX.</p><p>Shadowen, N.L. (2015, April). <em>The effects of traumatic events on vulnerable youth in India. </em>Poster session for The Graduate Research Forum, Newark, DE.</p><p>Williamson, A.A., Shadowen, N.L., Williams, K.R., & Guerra, N.G. (2014, March). <em>Bullying in </em><em>high school: prevalence, correlates, and preventative efforts. </em>Poster session for the 15th Biennial Society for Research on Adolescence Meeting, Austin, TX.</p><p>Shadowen, N. L., Chieffo, L, & Guerra, N.G. (2014, May). <em>The development and validation of a </em><em>study abroad assessment tool.</em> Poster session for the NAFSA 2014 Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.</p><p>O'Brien, F. & Shadowen, N.L. (2014, May). <em>Predicting success and broad psychosocial and </em><em>adjustment outcomes among international students.</em> Poster session for the NAFSA 2014 Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.</p><p>Shadowen, N.L. & Garcia, R.E. (2014, November). <em>Resilient Countries: What Can we Learn? </em>Invited presentation to the Global Learning Initiative to kNOw Violence in Childhood, New Delhi, India.</p><p>Shadowen, N.L. (2014, May) <em>Trauma Experiences and Countering Violent Extremism. </em>Invited presentation to The U.S. Institute of Peace Countering Violent Extremism through Education workshop, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.</p><p>Shadowen, N. L., Williamson, A. A., Kang, T.A., & Guerra, N. G. (2013, November). <em>Predicting </em><em>well-being outcomes among Asian international students studying in the United States. </em><em>P</em>oster session for the 47th Annual Convention for the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Nashville, TN.</p><p>Williamson, A. A., Shadowen, N.L., Knox, L., & Guerra, N. G. (2013, April). <em>Parent training </em><em>for immigrant Latina mothers: A randomized controlled trial of the Madres a Madres </em><em>program. </em>Paper Session for the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Seattle, WA.</p><p>Shadowen, N.L. (2013, April) <em>International Student Satisfaction and Transitions. </em>Invited presentation to the University of Delaware Graduate Recruitment and Retention Committee, Newark, DE.</p><p>Shadowen, N. L., Williamson, A. A., Kang, T.A., & Guerra, N. G. (2013, November). <em>Identifying internalizing symptoms among Asian international students. </em>Poster session for the 47th Annual Convention for the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Nashville, TN.</p><p>Williamson, A. A., Shadowen, N. L., & Guerra, N. G. (2013, November). <em>The impact of home-</em><em>based parent training on immigrant Latino family functioning. </em>Poster session for the 47th Annual Convention for the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Nashville, TN.</p><p>Bennett, C.R., Shadowen, N., Scherer, K., Markey, P.M., and Markey, C.N. (2009, May) <em>Geometric Models and Violent Video Games: A New Application of "Interpersonal </em><em>Statistics."</em> Poster session for the annual conference for the Society of Interpersonal Theory and Research, Toronto, Canada. </p></div>DegreesCourses Regularly TaughtRecent PublicationsProfessional Presentationsnshadowen@udel.eduShadowen, Noel302-831-8925<img alt="" src="/Images%20Bios/Shadowen,%20Noel.jpg" width="492" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Post-Doctoral ResearcherC-TECCOffice Hours:Wednesdays 2:00-3:00



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