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<div class="ExternalClassEB18DE6C55CB45F08ABF34A748B3877B"><p>​Michal Bilewicz studies social psychology of intergroup relations (e.g. stereotyping, prejudice, dehumanization), as well as political psychology (political ideologies, linguistic patterns related to political communication, etc.). He studies extensively the problem of antisemitism and in his research he bridges Jewish studies with empirical behavioral sciences.​</p></div><div class="ExternalClass23F49716B639467FB8CC4E2929D4A0D7"><p>Ph.D., University of Warsaw​</p></div><div class="ExternalClass4E32BE82BDA344C08AB76163341C85BE"><p>Bilewicz, M., & Kogan, A. (2014). Embodying imagined contact: Facial feedback moderates the intergroup consequences of mental simulation. <em>British Journal of Social Psychology</em>, <em>53</em>, 387-395.</p><p>Gawinkowska, M., Paradowski, M. B., Bilewicz, M. (2013). Second language as an exemptor from sociocultural norms. Emotion-related language choice revisited. <em>PLoS ONE,</em> <em>8(12):</em> e81225. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0081225. </p><p>Bilewicz, M., Winiewski, M., Kofta, M., Wójcik, A. (2013). Harmful ideas. The structure and consequences of anti-Semitic beliefs in Poland. <em>Political Psychology, 34</em>, 821-839. </p><p>Bilewicz, M. & Klebaniuk, J. (2013). Psychological consequences of religious symbols in public space: Crucifix display at a public university. <em>Journal of Environmental Psychology, 35</em>, 10-17.</p><p>Bilewicz, M. & Jaworska, M. (2013). Reconciliation through the righteous: The narratives of heroic helpers as a fulfillment of emotional needs in Polish-Jewish intergroup contact. <em>Journal of Social Issues, 69</em>, 162-179.</p><p>Golec de Zavala, A., Cichocka, A., & Bilewicz, M. (2013). The paradox of in-group love: Differentiating collective narcissism advances understanding of the relationship between in-group and out-group attitudes. <em>Journal of Personality, 81,</em> 16-28.</p><p>Bilewicz, M. (2012).Traditional prejudice remains outside of the WEIRD world. <em>Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 35:6</em>, 17-18. </p><p>Imhoff, R., Bilewicz, M., & Erb, H.-P. (2012). Collective regret versus collective guilt: Different emotional reactions to historical atrocities. <em>European Journal of Social Psychology. 42, </em>729–742<em>. </em></p><p>Bilewicz, M., Imhoff, R. & Drogosz, M. (2011). The humanity of what we eat. Conceptions of human uniqueness among vegetarians and omnivores. <em>European Journal of Social Psychology, 41</em>, 201-209. </p><p>Bilewicz, M. (2007). History as an obstacle: Impact of temporal-based social categorizations on Polish-Jewish intergroup contact. <em>Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 10,</em> 551-563. ​</p></div>DegreesRepresentative, Michal<img alt="" src="/Images%20Bios/photo_michal_bilewicz.jpg" width="640" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Affiliated Assistant ProfessorAssistant Professor, University of Warsaw



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