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  • Emily Soriano, Graduate Student

    Graduate Student
    University of Delaware
    010A McKinly Lab
    Newark, DE 19716



    B.A. in Psychology, University of Arizona

    M.A. in Experimental Psychology, University of Arizona


    Mùˆller, F., Hagedoorn, M., Soriano, E. C., Stephenson, E., Smink, A., Hoff, C., DeLongis, A., Laurenceau, J.-P., & Tuinman, M. A. (in press). Daily co-rumination mediates the maladaptive effect of spouse catastrophizing on cancer patient's fatigue. Health Psychology.  

    Ramazi, R., Perndorfer, C., Soriano, E., Laurenceau, J.-P., & Beheshti, R. (2019). Multi-modal predictive models of diabetes progression. Paper submitted to The Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (ACM-BCB), Niagara Falls, NY, September 2019. doi:10.1145/3307339.3342177

    Soriano, E. C., Perndorfer, C., Siegel, S. D., & Laurenceau, J.-P. (2018). Threat sensitivity and fear of cancer recurrence: A daily diary study of reactivity and recovery as patients and spouses face the first mammogram post-diagnosis. Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, 37(2), 131-144. doi:10.1080/07347332.2018.1535532

    Soriano, E. C., Pasipanodya, E. C., LoSavio, S. T., Otto, A. K., Perndorfer, C., Siegel, S. D., & Laurenceau, J.-P. (2018). Social constraints and fear of recurrence in couples coping with early-stage breast cancer. Health Psychology, 37(9), 874-884. doi:10.1037/hea0000649

    Soriano, E. C., Perndorfer, C., Otto, A. K., Siegel, S. D., & Laurenceau, J.-P (2018). Does sharing good news buffer fear of bad news? A daily diary study of fear of cancer recurrence in couples approaching the first mammogram post-diagnosis. Psycho-Oncology, 27(11), 2581-2586. doi:10.1002/pon.4813

    Soriano, E. C., Valera, R., Pasipanodya, E. C., Otto, A. K., Siegel, S. D., & Laurenceau, J.-P. (2018). Checking behavior, fear of recurrence, and daily triggers in breast cancer survivors. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 53(3), 244-254. doi:10.1093/abm/kay033

    Perndorfer, C., Soriano, E. C., Siegel, S. D., & Laurenceau, J.-P. (2018). Everyday protective buffering predicts intimacy and fear of cancer recurrence in couples coping with early-stage breast cancer. Psycho-Oncology, 28(2), 317-323. doi:10.1002/pon.4942

    Otto, A. K., Soriano, E. C., Siegel, S. D., LoSavio, S. T., & Laurenceau, J.-P. (2018). Assessing the relationship between fear of cancer recurrence and health care utilization in early-stage breast cancer survivors. Journal of Cancer Survivorship, 12(6), 775-785. doi:10.1007/s11764-018-0714-8

    Soriano, E. C., Otto, A. K., Siegel, S. D., & Laurenceau, J.-P. (2017). Partner social constraints and early-stage breast cancer: Longitudinal associations with psychosexual adjustment. Journal of Family Psychology, 31, 574-583. doi:10.1037/fam0000302

    Soriano, E. C., Rentscher, K. E., Rohrbaugh, M. J., Shoham, V., & Mehl, M. R. (2017). A semantic corpus comparison analysis of couple-focused interventions for problematic alcohol use. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 24, 618-631. doi:10.1002/cpp.2030

    Rentscher, K. E., Soriano, E. C., Rohrbaugh, M. J., Shoham, V., & Mehl, M. R. (2017). Partner pronoun use, communal coping, and abstinence during couple-focused intervention for problematic alcohol use. Family Process, 56, 348-363. doi:10.1111/famp.12202

    Otto, A. K., Szczesny, E. C., Soriano, E. C., Laurenceau, J.-P., & Siegel, S. D. (2016). Effects of a gratitude intervention on death-related fear of recurrence in breast cancer survivors. Health Psychology, 35, 1320-1328. doi:10.1037/hea0000400


    2018-2020     Principal Investigator, Spouse Involvement in Everyday Type 2 Diabetes Care: Effects of Social Control on Continuously Measured Glucose

    National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Predoctoral Fellowship (NIH NIDDK F31 DK120201)





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