Department of Psychology and Brain Science

The Department has consistently garnered millions
of dollars of grant support from federal agencies such as
NIH and NSF and faculty members are international leaders in their
specific subdisciplines:

Variety of research conducted throughout the department.

Recent Publications from Department Faculty

Quinn, P. C., Lee, K., Pascalis, O., & Tanaka, J. W. (in press). Narrowing in categorical responding to other-race face classes by infants. Developmental Science.

Guerra, N. G., & Williamson, A. A. (in press). Year in Review: 2014. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 24, E1-E4.


Xiao, W. S., Fu, G., Quinn, P. C., Qin, J., Tanaka, J., Pascalis, O., & Lee, K. (in press). Individuation training with other-race faces reduces preschoolers’ implicit racial bias: A link between perceptual and social representation of faces in children. Developmental Science.

J Blaze, ED Roth, and TL Roth. 2015. The contribution of genetics, epigenetics, and early-life experiences to behavior. In The New Cognitive Neurosciences V., pp 145-152 (M Gazzaniga, R Mangun, Eds.). MIT Press.

Guerra, N. G., Williamson, A. A., Shadowen, N. L. (in press). From school bullying to dating violence: Coercive developmental processes and implications for intervention. In T. Dishion & J. Snyder (Eds.). The Oxford Handbook on Coercive Dynamics in Close Relationships.

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