Department of Psychology

The Department has consistently garnered millions
of dollars of grant support from federal agencies such as
NIH and NSF and faculty members are international leaders in their
specific subdisciplines:

Variety of research conducted throughout the department.

Recent Publications from Department Faculty

Xiao, W. S., Fu, G., Quinn, P. C., Sun, Y-H., Xiao, N. G., Wang, Q., Chen, G., Pascalis, O., Damon, F., & Lee, K. (in press). The eye-size illusion: Psychophysical characteristics, generality, and relation to holistic processing. Perception.

Tanaka, J. W., Quinn, P. C., Xu, B., Maynard, K., Huxtable, N., Lee, K., & Pascalis, O. (in press). The effects of information type (features versus configuration) and location (eyes versus mouth) on the development of face perception. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Quinn, P. C. (in press). What do infants know about cats, dogs, and people? Development of a “like-people” representation for nonhuman animals. In L. Esposito, L. Freund, J. Griffin, P. McCardle, & S. McCune (Eds.), Social neuroscience of human-animal interaction. Taylor & Francis: New York.

Williamson, A. A., Guerra, N. G., & Tynan, D. W. (in press). The role of health and mental health care providers in gun violence prevention. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology.

Dupierrix, E., Hillairet de Boisferon, A., Meary, D., Lee, K., Quinn, P. C., Di Giorgio, E., Simion, F., Tomonaga, M., & Pascalis, O. (in press). Preference for human eyes in human infants. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

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